Incident Response Services

Rapid, comprehensive, emergency incident response assistance

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Organizations face multiple challenges that make responding to incidents increasingly difficult, these include dealing with an ever-evolving and complex IT environment, resourcing and staffing constraints as well as lacking the capabilities to effectively analyze, contain and defeat ongoing threats.

When it comes to cyber incidents, ASEC helps organizations shift their attention and investments from a pure prevention strategy to more of a well-rounded strategy, which includes investments in detection, response and recovery controls, processes and procedures.

ASEC’s experienced emergency incident response team stands ready to support your organization in identifying, mitigating and preventing cybersecurity incidents. Our team is made up of incident commanders, leads and analysts who can help determine the full impact of the security event, provide information required for decision making, and deploy tools required for an effective response.

Let ASEC be your trusted partner when faced with a security incident. We can help determine the extent of the compromise and work with you to create a playbook to minimize impacts. We can help uncover how the threat actors gained initial access into your networks as well as provide recommendations on how to prevent future attacks.

Incident Response Services

Threat Hunting

Proactively searching across an organization for malicious activity that bypass controls.

Incident Response Program Assessment

Evaluate your breach readiness program against industry best practices.

Incident Playbook Development

A catalog of response playbooks help expedite organizational responses to cyber attacks.

Incident Response / Forensics

Enlist experienced responders to handle the entire security incident lifecycle.

Table Top Exercise

Comprehensive breach simulation discussions designed to level-up your team.

Continuously defend your organization's attack surface.

Proactively monitor all of your applications, servers, endpoints and cloud infrastructure by combining automation and expert-driven testing to continuously identify and remediate vulnerabilities.

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