Incident Response Program Assessment

Evaluate your breach readiness program against industry best practices

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An Incident Response Program Assessment is an analysis of your organization's security event monitoring, threat intelligence and incident response capabilities.

Cybersecurity incidents are at the forefront of the minds of many executives, customers and boards. Organizations with strong incident response capabilities will limit their overall impact when an incident occurs - which is why evaluating and improving the maturity of an incident response program should be a regular practice.

ASEC’s Incident Response Program Assessment will evaluate the effectiveness of policies, controls, and procedures of an organization’s response program. Our lightweight and practical assessment can help organizations reduce blind spots, identify gaps, and provide tactical and strategic recommendations when responding to cyber events.

This will include an evaluation of the following:

Review documentation sets including policies, processes, procedures and technological standards

Review monitoring coverage, configured alerts, processes, use-cases and use-case-responses

Interview key stakeholders including senior management, management and technical resources

Will attempt to understand your monitoring landscape, SIEM and related detection and response technology

Review incident lifecycle management approach, processes and procedures

Review incident handling process, SOC team structure and skillset

Evaluate inter-departmental cooperation in incident handling

Review incident handling timelines against the defined processes

Continuously defend your organization's attack surface.

Proactively monitor all of your applications, servers, endpoints and cloud infrastructure by combining automation and expert-driven testing to continuously identify and remediate vulnerabilities.

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